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Nutrition Links

These links are a starting point for further exploration of the science of nutrition. The main research and reference sites in the nutrition world are provided here in an annotated format.

Search the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference! See responses to frequently asked questions, or do a search to look up the nutrient content of a particular food.
USDA Nutrient Data Library
Need a low-calorie recipe? How about a low-sodium or high-fiber recipe? This site has fast solutions based on criteria such as diet, taste, time, nutrition, health and value.
Read the consumer fact sheet "About Sugar," presented by the American Sugar Association, to review some basics about sugar and carbohydrates.
About Sugar
This link will take you to the Vegetarian Resource Group. You will find vegetarian books that are available, recipes, and learn about planning a well-balanced, vegetarian meal.
Vegetarian Resource Group
This is the water site for the Environmental Protection Agency. Find out about concerns, publications, laws, regulations and more.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water
This is your guide to nutrition and health information on federal government websites. Links are sorted under the topic categories food facts, health management, food safety, resources, food assistance, and research.
Visit this World Health Organization site to see the latest on malnutrition throughout the world. Learn about the links between nutrition, health, and human rights.
Nutrition Information from the World Health Organization (WHO)
Canada has a history of proactive policies in health care and nutrition. Visit this Health Canada site to learn more about nutrition resources of the Canadian government.
Health Canada's Food and Nutrition site
To understand how to use the web-based tool called MyPlate, go to www.MyPlate.gov and create a personal plan. Read the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and take charge of your health and fitness by taking small steps each day. To read more, go to www.healthierus.gov
These videos from the American Dietetic Association's video library showcase public service announcements on healthy eating and nutrition, as well as videos about diabetes, public relations iniatives, and the media.
Videos from the American Dietetic Association (ADA)