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Websites for College Nutrition:


The National Eating Disorders Association website is full of crucial information regarding eating disorders. Fact sheets, treatment referrals and prevention programs are some of the indispensable resources found on this site.


The website for The National Center For Drug Free Sport offers an extensive amount of information regarding nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids and their use in athletics. The interactive quiz section is a great way to test your knowledge!


This fact sheet put out by the Food Safety Inspection Service offers valuable tips on how to microwave food safely.


This great interactive site provides fast facts on fast food. You can search by popular restaurant, food category, and specific food item.


A student-friendly site that offers nutrition information in the form of: Goal Setting, an interactive Quiz, Experts Say article, and a variety of links to other nutrition websites.


Ask the Dietitian is a great site filled with frequently asked questions on just about every nutrition topic from alcohol to hydration, junk food to triglycerides. This site is also home to the Healthy Body Calculator- one of the most comprehensive body calculators online. (Other web sites are welcome to link to Ask the Dietitian and display the Ask the Dietitian graphic on their site as long as a new browser window on their site as long as a new browser window without ads is launched when viewers click on the Ask the Dietitian link. However, individual FAQs or individual nutrition topics or the entire body of work Ask the Dietitian may not be stored on other web site servers without the written consent of Joanne Larsen.)


Visit this site to learn about common nutritional mistakes made by college students and receive tips on how to remedy these problems. These insights into the difficulties of eating in a college setting will help you to maintain a normal diet and weight.


In the life of a busy college student, it is difficult to find the time, energy, or resources to maintain a healthy diet. This site, created by the University of Oregon Health Center, will offer you 10 tips on how to eat healthy amidst a hectic college environment.