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Chapter 14A:Spotlight on Eating Disorders

1: A person who is very thin, has a severely distorted body image, and severely restricts food intake is probably suffering from
anorexia nervosa.
bulimia nervosa.
binge-eating disorder.
compulsive overeating.
2: Which of the following factors is associated with the development of disordered eating or eating disorders?
history of post-traumatic stress disorder
negative self body image
unrealistic expectations to be perfect
all of the above
3: Anorexia nervosa occurs more often among
girls, ages 6 to 9.
young women, ages 15 to 19.
young men, ages 18 to 24.
men, ages 30 to 40.
4: Which behavior is characteristic of a person in the later stages of anorexia nervosa?
social withdrawal
persistent dieting
all of the above
5: The average person with bulimia nervosa has a body weight for height that is
extremely less than normal.
mildly underweight.
at or a bit above normal.
moderately above normal.
6: What would be a typical ‘forbidden’ food for a bulimic?
leafy greens salad
broiled sirloin steak
chocolate ice cream
lite beer
7: What is missing from the binge-eating disorder cycle that is present in the emotional/behavioral cycle of a bulimic?
triggering event
feelings of guilt
8: When compared to women, men who develop eating disorders are more likely to be
extremely underweight.
slightly underweight.
near normal weight.
9: The female athlete triad combines disordered eating with what other conditions?
anemia and bone spurs
osteoporosis and amenorrhea
dehydration and arthritis
migraines and hypothyroidism
10: Which strategy is not a component of the Body Size Acceptance campaign to prevent eating disorders?
Encourage people to avoid eating when they are stressed, even if it means skipping meals.
Celebrate the diversity of human body sizes.
Present accurate information about nutrition, weight management, and health.
Teach young people to express negative emotions constructively.
11: The earlier a person suffering from anorexia nervosa receives treatment, the better the outcome is likely to be.
12: Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder in industrialized countries.
13: Males typically develop eating disorders at a later age than females do.
14: Teenage female vegetarians are more likely than teenage females who are not vegetarians to have disordered eating patterns.
15: Among teenage females, smoking is more common among those with eating disorders than in the general teenage population.
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