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Chapter 18: Food Safety and Technology: Microbial Threats and Genetic Engineering

1: In the United States, how many deaths are attributed to foodborne illnesses annually?
about 500 deaths
about 1,000 deaths
about 3,000 deaths
about 6,000 deaths
2: Botulism
can be caused by eating improperly canned foods.
causes symptoms that mimic influenza.
is very common in the United States.
all of the above
3: Foodborne pathogens can be in all of the following foods EXCEPT
dairy products.
4: You should not thaw meat
in the refrigerator.
using the defrost setting of your microwave.
in a water-tight bag submerged in cold water.
on the kitchen counter.
5: The Food Quality Protection Act in 1996 includes provisions to protect
food technologists.
older adults.
6: Critics cite all of the following as problems with organic farming EXCEPT
manure as a fertilizer causes food safety concerns.
there is no demand for organic products.
manure runoff can pollute water supplies.
complete freedom from pesticides cannot be guaranteed.
7: To prevent foodborne illnesses, restaurants and grocery stores should follow _____ guidelines.
Minimum CDC
FDA Dining
8: The law requires that unpasteurized fruit juice labels include the statement, ‘This product may
cause cancer if consumed regularly."
be a danger to persons with cystic fibrosis, lactose intolerance, and food allergies."
cause birth defects if consumed in the first month of pregnancy."
be a danger to children, older adults, and people with weakened immune systems."
9: Packaged bread in the supermarket can stay fresh much longer than bread from the bakery if it contains
soluble fiber.
wheat gluten.
carbonated water.
sodium propionate.
10: Irradiation of food is rare in the United States because
the process is too costly for manufacturers to use.
it changes the texture of foods significantly.
clinical trials have shown that low doses do not kill many pathogens.
consumers often reject products that are irradiated.
11: The FDA focuses on the _____ as the principle risk of genetically modified foods.
destruction of other crops through cross pollination
side effects to infants and children
introduction of new allergens in the food supply
risk to people who are immune compromised
12: People with hemochromatosis have a greater risk of foodborne illness than people who do not have this condition.
13: Raw or undercooked seafood is a source of anisakiasis, a foodborne illness caused by parasitic pathogens.
14: Organically-grown fruits and vegetables do not need to be washed since they are pesticide free.
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