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Chapter 17: Life Cycle: From Childhood Through Adulthood

1: Which of the following children has the lowest energy requirement per kilogram of body weight?
3-year-old boy
5-year-old girl
6-year-old girl
8-year-old boy
2: All of the following micronutrients are of concern in childhood nutrition EXCEPT
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
3: After _____ years of age, it is appropriate for one to adopt an adult-style diet to reduce chronic disease risk.
over 2 years of age
6 years
10 years
15 years
4: In general, adolescents consume adequate amounts of
vitamin A.
5: Adolescents who drink alcohol have a very high risk of
developing scurvy.
being harmed through acts of violence.
all of the above
6: Appropriate nutrition recommendations for decreased immune function as a person ages include
increase need for Vitamin C and folic acid
increaed need for fiber
increased need for Vit B6, antioxidants, Vit E, zinc and high-quality protein
Increased need for fluids
7: Which of the following statements is true?
An 80-year-old person's ability to detect sweetness is greater than 20-year-old person's ability to detect sweetness.
Physical activity can improve an elderly person's balance and mobility.
Most elderly people prefer to eat bland foods rather than more strong-tasting foods.
Being thin always provides health advantages for elderly people.
8: Which nutrient is not affected by atrophic gastritis?
vitamin B12
vitamin A
9: Generally, energy requirements ____ as we age
stay the same
is about equal to the energy needs of a 30 year old person
10: Excess protein intake can contribute to
zinc toxicity.
excess iron absorption.
vitamin D deficiency.
11: In the elderly, low blood cholesterol levels are associated with
Crohn's disease.
Alzheimer's disease.
12: Of the following, which deficiency is most common among older adults?
vitamin B12
vitamin E
13: Iron needs are
higher for elderly men than for elderly women.
the same for older men and women.
decreased for elderly women after menopause.
lower for men than women after age 70.
14: _____ is a general term for a large group of diseases than cause pain and swelling of joints and connective tissue.
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