Nutrition Fifth Edition

Welcome to the Navigate Companion Website to accompany Nutrition, Fifth Edition. We are pleased to provide these online resources to support classroom education.

Student Resources

Interactive Flashcards
These Flashcards will guide you through the key definitions vital to your understanding of important topics

Appendix: Feeding Infants & Toddlers
This downloadable appendix summarizes the development stages of infants, and provides practical tips for feeding infants and toddlers.

BMI Calculator
Determine your healthy weight and target caloric intake using the Body Mass Index Calculator.

Chemistry Review
Refresh your knowledge of the basic concepts of chemistry which can be helpful in understanding the chemical processes of nutrition.

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword puzzles provide a fun and interactive overview of each chapter. Students, fill in the crossword puzzle based on material you’ve studied in each chapter.

Eating Great in College
Geared for college students, these Nutrition links provide resources and additional information on how all students can eat great at college.

Health and Nutrition Directory
Database of addresses, phone numbers and web links of where you can research additional information on important topics such as weight management, food safety, eating disorders, and more.

Information Resources
This downloadable appendix provides a list of Nutrition-related information resources and their contact information.

Interactive Glossary
The Interactive Glossary allows you to instantly view definitions of key terms from the book. You can search by keyword, browse alphabetically, or browse by chapter.

Interactive Summaries
The Interactive Summaries test your knowledge of the important concepts in each chapter.

Nutrition Journals
Easily track your daily food intake and physical activity, or develop a plan for weight training, physical activity, and health.

Nutrition Links
Explore the wealth of knowledge on the Internet. Nutrition Links showcase external sites that provide additional information about topics covered in the textbook.

Nutrition Science Animations
Scientifically-based animations provide an accurate, accessible explanation of scientific concepts and physiological principles.

Answers to Study Questions
The Student Study Guide follows the chapter topics and offers fill-in-the-blank questions and summaries so that students can test themselves on key concepts.
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Practice Quizzes
Test your knowledge of the important concepts in each chapter.

Share Healthy Recipes
Search for new recipes to try, or share some of your own!

Web Links
The following are a list of reliable Web Links organized by chapter. These links can be used to research additional information on selected topics discussed in your textbook.

Nutrition and Health Videos
These Nutrition videos provide even more information on nutrition and health related concepts.