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Spotlight on Eating Disorders

1: The average person with bulimia is
at normal weight.
2: A person suffering from gastric erosion, pancreatic inflammation, and hypomagnesmia probably has which eating disorder?
binge-eating disorder
any of the above
3: The early warning signs of anorexia include the following EXCEPT
spending a great deal of time rearranging food on a plate.
limiting even intake of water for fear of added calories.
developing lists of safe foods
preparing foods for others, but not eating any of it themselves.
4: Psychological factors that are more common in the lives of persons with eating disorders include the following EXCEPT
negative body image.
supportive parents.
post-traumatic stress disorder.
frequent teasing from peers.
5: The syndrome characterized by restrictive eating, absence of menstruation, and low bone density is called ______.
the female athlete triad
anorexia athletica
6: Females are not the only gender that struggle with eating disorders.
7: Infantile anorexia was discovered when pediatricians began reporting a surprising number of young patients from affluent backgrounds with stunted growth due to poor nutrition.
8: What is the key difference between binge-eating disorder and bulimia?
a person with bulimia is more apt to purge several times a week, while a person with binge-eating disorder may only purge once a week
bulimics are often obese
bulimics tend to categorize food as safe or unsafe, while binge-eaters do not have this habit
the binge-eater does not attempt to purge
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