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Spotlight on Alcohol

1: Alcoholics are commonly deficient in many minerals because
alcohol inhibits their absorption.
their diets are usually poor.
chronic constipation leads to an inability to absorb zinc.
none of the above
2: Which is the most effective treatment for a hangover?
eating complex carbohydrates
3: With depleted vitamin K stores, alcoholics risk
liver damage
bleeding and anemia
ulcers and gastritis
Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
4: Alcohol affects
only the liver
only the heart
only the large intestine
every organ system in the body
5: Men and women respond differently to alcohol.
6: What is the first stage of liver destruction in alcoholics?
alcohol poisoning
fatty liver
7: Which part of the GI tract has a higher risk of cancer due to alcoholism?
the mouth
the stomach
the large intestine
the entire GI tract has a higher risk of cancer
8: Impairment from alcohol begins with
your second drink
your first drink
your fourth drink
your fifth drink
9: MEOS enzymes may be responsible for transforming acetaminophen into chemicals that can damage the liver.
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