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Chapter 2: Nutrition Guidelines: Tools for a Healthful Diet

1: The Adequate Intake (AIs) values are determined through
observations of children under the age of five.
observations of healthy individuals.
observations of those with nutrient deficiencies.
none of the above
2: The FDA has approved the following health claim: High fat diets cause some types of cancer.
3: Which term best describes "balance" as part of menu planning?
Selecting a variety of foods at each meal
Selecting foods that are high in calories only at one meal
Planning more of a plant-based diet
Not having too much or too little of any one type of food.
4: As a protein source, which of the following foods would be considered the best meat alternative?
green beans
5: The most appropriate use of DRIs is a tool for planning and evaluating diets for large groups of people.
6: Many people in the US are malnourished, but fewer people suffer nutritional deficiencies from dietary inadequacies than from chronic diseases
7: What, according to The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010, can ensure food safety?
Consuming unpasteurized milk.
Defrosting foods on the counter overnight.
Storing raw and cooked foods together.
Cooking foods to a safe temperature to kill microorganisms.
8: A claim that describes the potential effect of a food, food component, or a dietary supplement is a
health claim.
structure/function claim.
nutrient content claim.
scientific statement.
9: The availability of high-calorie, palatable, inexpensive food coupled with the availability of labor-saving devices is known as
An inactive lifestyle
an overarching concept of The Dietary Guidelines, 2010
the obesogenic environment
10: According to The Dietary Guidelines, 2010, which of the following food components should be reduced?
refined grains
whole grains
milk and milk products
11: The Recommended Dietary Allowance is the daily intake level that meets the needs of most people in a life-stage and gender group
12: The ______ are the maximum levels of daily nutrient intakes that are unlikely to pose health risks to almost all individuals in the group for whom they are designed.
Tolerable Upper Intake Level(s)
The Recommended Daily Allowance
Adequate Intake
Estimated Average Requirement
13: The social ecological model illustrates how all elements of ___ combine to shape an individual’‘s food and physical activity choices
our diet
the FDA
our food selections
14: Is the Daily Value on a food label the same as the Dietary Reference Intake for the same nutrient?
Yes, except for the minerals that do not have a DV.
Yes, except the DVs are based upon a caloric level only.
No. The DV does not indicate safety levels for children.
No. They are not at all the same.
15: The current USDA’‘s icon and primary food group symbol that accompanies the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010
My Pyramid
All Food Can Fit
16: Adequate calcium and Vitamin D along with regular exercise may reduce the risk of osteoporosis
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