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Chapter 9: Energy Balance, Body Composition, and Weight Management

1: Which of the following activities is an example of energy output?
heart pumping blood
taking a walk
all of the above
2: Which situation is most likely to make a person seek food because of hunger?
smelling popcorn at a movie theater
feeling uncomfortable 4 hours after a meal
seeing a chocolate birthday cake
watching a TV advertisement for ice cream
3: The energy needed for _____ is not an aspect of basal or resting energy expenditure.
blood circulation
physical activity
body temperature regulation
4: The thermic effect of food accounts for approximately what percent of total energy expenditure?
10 percent
15 percent
20 percent
25 percent
5: A person with a BMI of 21 falls into what risk range for mortality?
normal weight
6: Which body assessment tool measures air displacement and is similar to underwater weighing, but faster and easier to test?
skinfold caliper
infrared transmitter
7: Which lipid levels are likely to be abnormally low when a person is obese?
total cholesterol
high-density lipoproteins
low-density lipoproteins
8: Cancer rates are greater in obese woman for all sites EXCEPT the
9: When both parents are extremely obese, the likelihood that their child will be obese is
10: _____ is an eating pattern in which a person avoids food for long periods and then gorges.
Food cycling
Restrained eating
Binge eating
Yo-yo dieting
11: Which statement is true regarding physical activity and weight management?
The best exercise regimen is one the person can do alone to avoid embarrassment.
Exercise often increases appetite and leads to overeating afterward unless a person is very strong-willed.
Both cardiorespiratory endurance and strength training activities are helpful in burning energy.
Very-high intensity exercises are best because they produce the greatest health benefits.
12: Which is true about long-term weight management?
Physical activity plays only a small part in managing weight.
A person who focuses primarily on his or her body weight will be able to maintain the momentum achieved with the initial weight loss.
Once a person has "broken" a bad habit, it is unlikely to return.
Regular exercise, maintained throughout life, makes weight management easier.
13: Private counselors who have the necessary training to support weight management efforts are
all of the above
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